This blog supplements the tweets made by @RacistWallaby.

Please note that he is Racist Wallaby, not a racist Wallaby. Vital difference.

For more information, you can read Racist Wallaby's survey answers. Although they were provided for a rigged contest that was clearly designed to further the objectives of the Echidna-controlled media — an event that he still regards as a sick travesty of fair competition and a complete mockery of anyone attempting serious discourse on the internet — they may still provide some additional insights into his worldview.

At this point, if you need someone to hold your hand and give you more information about who Racist Wallaby is and what he stands for, you're probably some sort of Sugar Glider who shouldn't be allowed out of doors without his minder and a helmet. No amount of words, pictures, or diagrams are going to be able to explain him any more clearly than the evidence before you, but if you must know more, you can contact him on Twitter or try e-mailing your questions to RacistWallaby@gmail.com.

E-mails may be answered by either Racist Wallaby or his handler.

Potoroos, Bandicoots, and slobbering idiots need not apply.