Thursday, September 22, 2011


Imagine my surprise when I saw this on Twitter:

"WA values its honest Kangaroos, Emus and Echidnas. Not so the stunted deformed Wallabies." -@archiearchive

Accompanied by the following photograph:

It's an interesting interpretation, certainly, but it's dead wrong.

The fact is that WA recognises that motorists only need to be warned to watch out for animals stupid enough to blunder into a moving vehicle. The wallaby omission is only recognising their superior intelligence.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Theme Weeks: A Good Idea?

I was in my yard the other day posting "BANDICOOTS NOT WANTED" signs, as you do, when it struck me how often things happen in cycles.

First you're telling Potoroos to stop leaving their used drug needles just lying about, then you see some Potoroos downtown begging for change (that they're clearly just going to spend on more drugs), and then you read about the police busting up a massive underground Potoroo drug ring.

Then you notice that your Quoll neighbour has an unusually large number of "gentleman callers," and after that you're downtown and some quoll propositions you, and then you're in a public toilet with — look, that last bit's not important. The thing is that there always seems to be some sort of pattern going on, so I thought I'd try some theme weeks on Twitter.

You may have noticed it with my #bookweek tag last week. Everyone knows how Squirrels don't have any use for literature, and Wombats are as likely to deface a book as open it, but have you ever stopped and thought about how the way they treat books reflects on their respective species as a whole? I found the exercise to be quite illuminating.

This week, I'll be looking at the different ways that they handle money (or can't handle it in some cases — LOOKING AT YOU, PADEMELONS). What do you think? Any thoughts, or suggestions for future topics?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When I read about violent assaults and attempted home invasions, I'm never surprised to see that a Kangaroo's behind it all. That's why I found recent reports of a Kangaroo beating an elderly pensioner to be sad but not unexpected.

These attacks are only going to stop when the public realises the true scope of the Kangaroo menace. In the meantime, there are three things you can do personally to keep safe from attack:
  • Be suspicious of any Kangaroo who claims to have a job. It turns out that in this latest attack, the Kangaroo posed as an employee of the electric company and got the homeowner to let her guard down by claiming that he had come to read the meter. 
  • Never buy magazine subscriptions from Kangaroos. Once you give money to one of them, their whole bloody gossip network spreads the word that you're a soft touch. Buy magazines from one of them today and you'll see them queuing up tomorrow to sell you more magazines, along with wrapping paper, cookies, and all manner of unwanted junk.
  • Never give money to Kangaroos for any reason. One of my mates, who was ignorant of the first two rules, got taken to the cleaners by some Kangaroo builders who promised him a new roof. All they wanted was some cash up front for "supplies." Needless to say, they took off with the money and now he's out several hundred dollars and still needs a new roof.
And while we're on the subject of rubbish freeloaders who refuse to work for a living, did you see how Phyllis Johnson, the victim, was left in the lurch by what should have been "man's best friend"? From the article:
"Not even the dog would help, it was too frightened."
Frightened, my tail! He was probably hoping the Kangaroo finished her off so he could loot the house and nick her jewellery. Don't trust Kangaroos, and don't expect a dog to have your back in a tight spot.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A week doesn't go by without a new, scare-mongering headline trying to convince us to waste money on crackpot "environmentalist" schemes. Just take a look at this pack of bloody lies designed to tug at our heartstrings:

"The warmer water, researchers from Victoria say, may drive the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) from 30 per cent of its current habitat."
It's a rubbish ploy to hoodwink the Australian taxpayer into giving them posh new accommodations with free air conditioning. Do you want to know what they should be doing to combat these "rising freshwater temperatures"?

Stop weeing where you swim.

Of course, that's the kind of subtlety that's lost on that pack of vermin, mostly because it doesn't involve anyone giving them free handouts.

Friday, July 1, 2011


RT @dr_krystal: Bacteria from a wallaby's gut reduce methane production via @breakfasters than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

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The animal. I suspect the team produce something far more polluting!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

This has been common knowledge for AGES, but it's one of those things that the Platypus-controlled media doesn't want you to know. We've always done our part to combat global warming and the generation of greenhouse gasses, so it's good to see Wallabies finally getting their due.

I can't begin to describe how humiliating it is to be run off some farmer's property just because he doesn't realise the vital service that you're performing for the environment.

To say nothing of the brave Wallabies who gave their lives combating the pollution generated by aircraft on the Katherine runway. Instead of a commendation and full state funerals for our fallen comrades, the Katherine Wallabies were greeted with fences and cull programmes. It's shameful, really.

Still, it's nice that we're finally getting some recognition. If any major media outlets are interested, I am of course available for interview.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


my therapist says i have to be nice to squirrels... so hello. @Banff_Squirrelless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Why don't more people recognise that modern "psychology" is pseudoscientific rubbish designed to manipulate the population? Haven't you found it suspicious that 9 out of 10 "mental health professionals" don't find anything objectionable about the way that Squirrels are allowed to roam free on public grounds?

Not only is it allowing those furry little miscreants to pick pockets and run their con jobs unchecked, but it also promotes dangerous thinking that can only lead to anarchy!

The most infuriating part of it all is the sly little hints they keep leaving to show where they've exerted their influence. Why else do you think they call it going nuts?

Friday, June 24, 2011


It appears as though you can't take a holiday in Britain anymore without being assaulted by a pack of ruffians.

On a recent outing, a Wallaby from Black Isle Wildlife Park had a run-in with some thugs:

He was treated for a cut to his nose inflicted during a run-in with a flock of sheep after jumping into a field.

He's on the mend now, but it sounds like it was tough going for a while. How much longer is parliament going to sit idly by while citizens are terrorized by the ovidian gangs roving the countryside with impunity?