Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What's not to love about this story of a Wallaby on the mend? "Connie Concrete" was nearly blinded in a so-called "construction mishap" last month, but she looks to be recovering nicely.

The story has two of my favourite things: a Wallaby's triumph over adversity, and the incompetence of the Platypus mafia on display for the world to see.

Oh, they're not mentioned overtly in the article, but this story has the clumsy, webbed fingerprints of that pack of vermin all over it.

"Concrete was accidentally poured on to [Connie] after she became stuck in a deep hole at a building site in Tewantin."
If she wasn't deliberately placed in that hole by hired Platypus goons, then I'm a Pademelon with a steroid abuse problem.

I'm not sure what she did to cross the mob, but seeing as no Wallaby would ever be involved in some of the usual misadventures that they try to resolve in this fashion (dispute over unpaid gambling debts, dealing drugs in their territory, etc.), I'm confident that she must be some sort of defence witness, probably for an important murder trial or something.

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