Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sometimes you have to look at the story behind the story if you really want to know what's going on in the world today.

Take, for example, this incendiary discussion of some allegedly anti-Koala stickers that was brought to my attention by @AnzacJack.

"Car stickers suggesting people should eat koalas have outraged environmental groups, the RSPCA and politicians in Brisbane."

"The stickers and slogan sparked debate on Fairfax Radio 4BC, prompting state MP for Cleveland Mark Robinson to phone in and condemn them."

"RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said he had received about 15 complaints about the stickers, which he claimed were a political ploy.
'These stickers are very irresponsible and are sending out the wrong message, which is contrary to the message from all the conservation groups and animal welfare organisations, such as the RSPCA,' Mr Beatty said.
Yes, it is a political ploy Mr. Beatty, and you're falling for it like a one-legged Pademelon on a Friday night.

The stickers have been designed, marketed, and distributed by the Koalas from the start.

Anything to get their name in the papers, even if it's controversial. Especially if it's controversial. And this? Well, by playing the victim they can continue to leech off of social assistance programmes without anyone opposing them. Look at another figure from the article:

"Redland City Council spent A$193,000 on a koala communication strategy which included a Facebook page and a communication officer"
And what's the council doing now? Spending more time, more money, and more effort on publicizing the "plight" of the Koala, encouraging people to give them more handouts and to hold them less accountable. The whole thing shits me to tears, and the unintentional irony in most of the quotes just makes it worse.

"It's just a political ploy that is going to backfire."

If only, Mr. Beatty. If only.

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Smelle said...

The next thing these Koalas will be trying to tell us is that their not actually bears.

When will the lies stop?