Saturday, April 2, 2011


@RacistWallaby hope your rellies are okay, saw this in the west! than a minute ago via Echofon


Any time you see Crocs "circling," they're just queuing up to beg for change and spin a sob story about how they lost their job, their house, or their family for some made-up reason that ISN'T their own laziness and incompetence. They lose interest quick enough if they think there's an unattended purse or an abandoned stubby to be nicked.

I know for a fact that the wallaby in that photo distracted them by shouting, "Look, over there! Did someone lose a slab?" Not only was he able to get away, but he got himself a souvenir, as well.

So, look for the Wallabies out that way to be sporting new belts, boots, and handbags in the near future.

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