Friday, October 29, 2010


Oh, those adorable little whales have decided to have a bit of a frolic in Sydney harbour?
Will Ford from Whale Watch Sydney said it was "very, very unusual" for whales to come so far into the harbour. [....]

"They were pretty relaxed and looked to be having a good time ... and it really is rare.

Rubbish! I'll tell you why they were having a good time: Their mates were robbing you blind!

It's a little thing called misdirection, have you heard of it? While you're standing around slack-jawed and pointing at those whales and their antics, accomplices have broken into your homes, your cars, and looted your unattended handbags.

Not so great now, is it?


Anonymous said...

The wombats are in league with the whales? But whales are decent God-fearing mammals! It was just that the wombats took advantage of the situation.

Anonymous said...

My creations are misbehaving again? Why wasn't I told? Build an Ark!

Racist Wallaby said...

@archiearchive: Bah, it's entirely possible to be God fearing and still run a criminal organisation. Look at the Dugong mafia, or Al Pacino's award-winning film, "The GodFalcon."

@iamyourgod: What good will an ark do? Whales can swim; I'd still have to worry about them breaking into my cabin and looting my footlocker during the 40-days-and-nights cruise.

Anonymous said...

Ok, your choice - how long can a wallaby swim? I have mislaid the specifications at the moment.

Racist Wallaby said...

It's funny, really. I always thought that if you had wanted us to swim, you wouldn't have invented jet skis.