Friday, October 22, 2010


@RacistWallaby Good gwief. First the penguin now a wallaby. They twied to pass a penguin off as a wabbit than a minute ago via web

It's true. I've heard lots of people talk about how they try to "see beyond race," but it's usually just rubbish spouted by bigots. However, there's a taxi driver in Ireland who appears to actually mean it.

"Three men climbed the perimeter fence and entered the penguin habitat [at Dublin Zoo], capturing a 10-year-old female named Kelli.

They put her into a sack and left the zoo where they hailed a taxi passing through the Phoenix Park.

They told the driver they had a rabbit with them and he dropped them in Dublin's north inner city."

I do my best to overlook the inherent lechery of Koalas, the shiftless thievery of Wombats, the and the tendency towards foul language exhibited by most Bandicoots, but I must admit that I am hard-pressed at times.

It must take an unbelievably tolerant person to overlook a penguin's widely known propensity for bawdy horseplay (which usually stops just shy of being legally actionable indecency) to believe that it's just a rabbit.

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