Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Police officers free moose tangled in rope and tree http://j.mp/dtQGNhless than a minute ago via Reeder

It's sad how the liberal media gets a story of individual heroism matched with police incompetence only to completely miss the real issues at work.

"Susie Arnold spotted the moose when she arrived at Bell's Nursery on Sunday morning to meet a friend for coffee. The trapped moose was on a bike path beside Bell's..."
Here you have a moose, lying in wait on a bike path, hoping to accost passers-by and possibly make off with their wallets. Meanwhile, a concerned citizens group, as yet unidentified, had already taken countermeasures to foil bike path-related criminal activity. The end result? A moose, apprehended red-antlered and ready for delivery to the local law enforcement authorities.

And what do they do? They set it free! The moose was not taken in for questioning, no one asked to see its papers, and the negligent individuals who allowed this ungulate ruffian to return to its sordid life of crime are instead lauded as some kind of conservation-minded environmental heroes!

I'm stunned that this reporter can be so blind to what's really going on. What else could that Moose have been doing there, if it wasn't lying in wait and preparing to do mischief?

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