Wednesday, November 3, 2010


@MisterShuffles I am going to hurt you. Bad.less than a minute ago via Seesmic Desktop

I have long accused bears of being both violent and stupid, but I never expected to see the supporting evidence for my case presented so neatly.

Violent? I think that issuing threats via Twitter fits that description.

Stupid? You tell me if a stuffed teddy trying to pick a fight with an elephant sounds like the idea borne of a fully competent mind.

I know that some of you will attempt to argue that one stuffed bear does not represent an entire species, and of you I ask: who has stepped forward to denounce this statement?

Where are the bear spokespersons issuing apologies to @mistershuffles and denouncing TeddyFail as a dangerously unhinged psychopath?

Their silence betrays their complicity.


Bron said...

As I find Mister Shuffles really irritating, I support the bear.

paddybts said...

Hear ye, hear ye!
All elephants are warned not to venture into the woods today.

Racist Wallaby said...

You know, your comments remind me of that quote about intolerance from Martin Niewallaby:

First they came for the Elephants,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't an Elephant.

Then they came for the Horses,
and I didn't speak up because they're great stinking brutes.

It could have gotten a bit sticky when they came for me,
but I convinced them that they wanted the family of Kangaroos down the road.

It was a pretty fantastic week after that.

Anonymous said...

Elephants are vegetarian mammals. Bears are carnivorous mammals. I know which ones should be deported.