Saturday, January 1, 2011


For once, my reputation for fighting prowess has worked against me. BRING THE BLOODY BOAT NEXT TIME! than a minute ago via HootSuite

Look, when you see a Wallaby in trouble, you stop to help. Is that so hard to comprehend?

I understand how some of you may be cowed by my fearsome reputation for martial prowess, as was the case with Anthony Skerman:

"[Skerman] said he did not try to help the wallaby as it would have injured him if he tried to get it on the boat."

However, you can rest assured that I will spare you the brunt of my maiming macropod fury if you're doing me a good turn.


Anonymous said...

Just like a wallaby - always boasting about his marital prowess!

Racist Wallaby said...

I wouldn't call it boasting.

It's really more of a public service announcement to be sure that no one is injured accidentally.

If you mess with a Wallaby, you'd better know what you're dealing with.

ernmalleyscat said...

I'm surprised you have a pet ard, but you should know it's spelt aard.