Friday, January 28, 2011


@paddybts @RacistWallaby A seeing eye wombat would be great on crowded city footpaths.less than a minute ago via web

Great for dragging you into every bar, brothel, and other den of vice within walking distance, you mean! The only direction that a Wombat will lead you in is one that goes down the path to liver failure, poverty, and venereal disease.

However, there may be something to the idea of using animals besides dogs for assistance. I understand that they're giving seeing eye ponies a go, with mixed results.

I haven't always been a fan of horses, and still maintain that they're as lazy as the day is long, but it might remind some of the more irresponsible seeing eye dogs that they're easily replaceable, and that they'd better watch their step if they know what's good for 'em.


@paddybts said...

Oh for goodness sake RW!! What possible use is a seeing eye animal,if it doesn't know it's way around the lowest dives and best brothels on the other side of the tracks.
You bloody moralistic macropods are no fun at all....!! :-)

Racist Wallaby said...

I believe I can still make the point that the ideal guide takes you on a crotch-first tour of the neighbourhood brothels without leading you straight to the free clinic, after a brief stop at STD central.

I mean, um, or so I've heard. You know, from a friend.