Friday, February 4, 2011


Motherhood is a rare and wonderful thing, and I am outraged by those who would assault its sanctity, particuarly in the case of this Katherine mother of twins.

Here we have a single mother of two, struggling to make her way in the world (and note that her husband has clearly been killed in a tragedy, for nothing less than death could induce a Wallaby to abandon his wife and children), and people are accusing her of living off handouts. All because of a few lines from the article:
Ms Enright said her husband Garry phoned while she was in hospital having twins with news Matilda had come back.

She had learnt to open the screen door herself and had proceeded straight to the fridge.

First of all, the shoddy sentence structure makes it entirely possible that they were talking about Ms Enright being able to open the screen door.

Assuming that the naysayers are correct, and that it was in fact the enterprising young Wallaby mother who had availed herself of the refrigerator's contents, I would argue that this is the height of self-sufficiency.

She's not collecting from the government, she's not bludging about and screaming for handouts, she's getting up on her own two feet — taking her twins with her — and showing resourcefulness and adaptability in claiming what she needs for her family's survival.

Besides, have you ever tried to open one of those screen doors? It's bloody hard work!

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