Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yes, the possibility of plague locusts decimating crops is a grave concern. However, is this threat really that much different from the rapacious freeloaders that already threaten—on a daily basis—to milk welfare benefits until the teat runs dry?

The only difference between Locusts and Numbats on the dole is that Locusts have the decency not to send government thugs to seize your property before they squander it. I actually respect Locusts in that sense, for taking the initiative to go out and grab what they want instead of waiting for some officious bureaucrat to hand it to them. It doesn't require the establishment of new federal agencies and there's no need to commission a number of pointless studies into whether you should be forced to hand over 90% or 95% of the pay earned by your own hard labour.

Yes, it's a bad time to be a farmer, but let's not lose sight of the greater issues.

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