Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Lordy. 260 all out. Knew we shouldn't write Australia off. A wounded wallaby us a dangerous thing. Ho hum. Business as usual. #theashesless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad

For Mr. Fry's sake, I can only hope that this word choice is some type of sick coincidence, and not a deliberate reference to the events of last June. (Incidentally, I've healed up quite nicely since then, thanks for asking.) What transpired on the 11th and its ensuing aftermath made for a fortnight that was anything but "business as usual."

Personally, I think it has to be a coincidence. He wasn't there, and none of the other parties involved are still available for comment. I was quite thorough in cleaning up afterwards, and very conscientious about making sure that all of the video evidence was destroyed.

However, Mr. Fry, if you are attempting some sort of public intimidation or extortion scheme, I would recommend that you make quite sure that you can handle the consequences. A wounded ego can be just as motivating as a double compound fracture, and that Dingo ended up spread across four different time zones.

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Anonymous said...

I worry about Mr Fry. As I worry about Mr Roast and Mr Braise.