Thursday, December 2, 2010


It's never too late to cash in on the dot com craze, I say!

After having a look around the website for incubator incubator, I've decided to launch my own technology startup.

It's going to be called MIRacist? (pronounced M-I-Racist), and here's what I put on the application form:

MIRacist? harnesses the inherent synergy in peer-to-peer networking and crowdsourcing to leverage user-generated content for a new internet 2.0 paradigm.

Users can visit MIRacist to upload their contact lists from popular applications and social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition to storing these contact lists in order to generate our own mailing lists for announcing exciting site upgrades and special offers, the site will tell them whether they are racist based on the people they associate with.

You know, like a for racists.

(Regardless of whether or not I hear back from them, I'm now seeking venture capital and looking for a few Crocodile boffins who can make the whole thing work. Get in on the ground floor!)


Anonymous said...

Why does no one ever consider the effect sweet young brolgas have on the average Brahimy Kite venture capitalist?

ernmalleyscat said...

Please subscribe me for upgrades and special offers. I already know I'm not, but I think someone I met on twitter might be.

Racist Wallaby said...

Archie, my fundraising methods are going to be entirely above-board (UNLIKE those dodgy ventures started by Quolls!).

Ernmalleyscat, it's always horrible when the ones we care about are bigots, isn't it? There's nothing worse than stubborn-headed Bilbys who refuse to change their close-minded, intolerant ways. Hard-headed bastards.