Thursday, December 2, 2010


@RacistWallaby My mother lived with a bandicoot while I was a child. No one cares! #ozcot #tcotless than a minute ago via web

Your "anything goes" attitude is undermining the MORAL FABRIC OF SOCIETY!less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Even you don't care - pick on the victim! sobless than a minute ago via web

It takes a big Wallaby to admit when he's wrong, but if I didn't own up to my mistake I'd be no better than those stinking Kangaroos. (Don't get me started on them, with their haughty expressions and the smug way they lift their tails when they hop!) No, this is about a young man who was grievously wronged by the system, and my callous indifference toward his suffering.

I thought Archie's original post was written in the spirit of so many drugged-out Koalas, telling me to "cool down" and "relax" because in this "enlightened" day and age, "no one cares." In the face of that kind of overly permissive rubbish, demanding that I turn a blind eye to society's decay, my understandable response was to call him out on his faulty logic its Echidna-minded moral relativism.

However, Archie's clarification has revealed that it was actually a plea for help, and a lamentation of the fact that his suffering has gone unacknowledged for so long. The last thing he needed was someone kicking him while he was down.

In light of this information, I would like to apologize to Archie, and I hope that we can put this misunderstanding behind us in order to raise awareness of the shameful parenting practises of modern Bandicoots.

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Anonymous said...

In a world where thieving kangaroos steal the World Cup and are thought to be humourous, is it any wonder an abused furry mammal such as myself struggles to overcome the instinctive abuse which is flung, often unknowingly, by careless marsupials. A bandicoot may have been the beginning for me but that abuse has been continued by many marsupials and bullying little quolls!

However I accept your apology for a careless statement brought about by a lack of understanding. It would be worth more should you take now steps to expose the ring of evil Bilbys!