Wednesday, December 8, 2010


See also: Cults. Those researchers look a lot like Patty Hearst to me. #Stockholm @mcckate than a minute ago via HootSuite

I'm not going to say that Pandas are running the Wolong conservation centre as some kind of mind control cult, because that would be irresponsible rumour mongering.

What I am saying is that one of my mates knows a fella who took a job there, and he hasn't been allowed to leave.

They lured him there with the promises of a high salary and the chance to do important conservation work, and now they're controlling what he eats, when he can sleep, and what he wears.

Compare these two photos:

Again, I'm not saying anything outright, I just think the similarities between those suit-wearing researchers and a gun-toting Patty Hearst are noteworthy.

"Oh," I hear you saying, "but Pandas are cute, and cuddly, and couldn't possibly be involved in anything sinister!"

To that I say, "You don't know Pandas very well, do you?"

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